Fun To Be One

After an extraordinary successful year, Packages Mall celebrated its outstanding first birthday on 20th – 22nd April 2018. For people who indulge in retail therapy, for foodies, for young families looking to spend quality time, Packages Mall has been an ultimate destination for anyone and everyone last weekend. Mall visitors were spoiled by exclusive anniversary discounts on 50+ brands and much more.

Day 1:
Day 1 kicked off with a birthday parade at the Mall – an afternoon filled with music and entertainment for the whole family. Everyone got treated to an open to public exceptional performance by Aima Baig and Asim Azhar. The huge crowds’ excitement and the positive energy in the air made it a night to experience.

Day 2:
A spectrum of colors lit up everyone’s hearts making the mall a view to absorb. Celebrations were accommodated at the grand event space with musical performances by the very talented Imran Hashmi and many other young enchanting and magnetic dance performers.

Families enjoyed the UV dance show, the food, the music and other performances with beaming faces.

Day 3:
Packages Mall on the last day of celebrations was as exciting as it was on its first! We acknowledged that there’s nothing like uniqueness so we lined up performances by local talents. The much loved Pashto band, Khumariyaan, performed their native tunes live creating musical magic with their instruments and other dance performers competed in uplifting the crowd’s energy. People continued their shopping sprees treating themselves to exclusive discounted prices.

Packages Mall was definitely the place to be last weekend with so much excitement in the air. People danced, sang, had a feast and took advantage of the exclusive discounts all at the one-stop shopping and entertainment destination.

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