Little Big Town 2019

For the month of July, Packages Mall returned with one of its most successful activities for kids, the Little Big Town. A fun filled place, jampacked with engaging activities for children to take part in. These activities were designed to enrich a positive educational experience for children, with important lessons for them to learn from.

Continuing its tradition from last year, Little Big Town invited children to step into the shoes of adults by role-playing different professions, such as; a doctor, a grocer, a magician, an artist and many more. The entire activity was designed to help raise self-esteem and instill a sense of responsibility in children, thus preparing them for the future ahead.

The town was designed to stimulate a buying/selling experience which would sharpen children’s mathematical and budgeting skills. Another core aspect of the activities was to develop children’s social and interpersonal skills as they dealt with different tasks assigned to them for each job. And the best part was, all of this was done in a very engaging and fun way to create a unique, exciting and memorable ‘Fun, Learn, Earn’ experience for them. With the ongoing summer vacations, Little Big Town became the perfect place for parents to bring their children to explore, learn and have fun.

This year’s Little Big Town not only brought along with it, all of the excitement from last year but further added new roles and activities for kids, making it bigger and better than before. It will be exciting to see just how big the next Little Big Town is going to be at Packages Mall.