Pakistan Tea Festival

Packages Mall celebrated Lahore’s culture and its love for Tea with the Pakistan Tea Festival 2019

Lahoris are known to be robust and full of energy, they enjoy life to the fullest and like to express themselves through various forms of art, and more so they love doing it over a cup of tea.

Keeping all of this in mind, this January, Packages Mall introduced the Pakistsan Tea Festival 2019 in collaboration with Octogroove. The festival featured mouthwatering tea-time snacks from cafes and home-based businesses and brands along with musical performances by Ali Sethi, 4 Paee, Mousiqa and Asma Rajpoot, a puppet show and lots of fun activities for kids.

It provided a platform for all Lahoris to come, relax and share and experience art while enjoying a hot cup of tea. The event was hugely successful and widely appreciated by the masses. So much so that the Team of Lahore Qalandars along with its Chariman Mr. Rana Fawad also came to experience the Tea Festival 2019. The festival played its part in exemplifying why Lahore comes to shop at Packages Mall.